Thursday, May 15, 2014

You Can Still Be A Part Of The Festival

Every year about this time I think of the movies I loved, but we couldn't fit into the Festival.  I'm tempted to mention the titles here, but I think that could open a can of worms.

I won't give the old line, "this hurts me a lot more than it does you." I know it sucks for you.  I've been where some of you are now.  I know.  But it is also hard knowing a movie that I've greatly enjoyed won't be in the festival for any number of reasons.  This is a tough business.

But if you've gotten one of our famous pass letters, don't think that it means you can't be a part of the festival.  I remember one year talking to a filmmaker.

"What film are you with?" I asked.

"My film didn't get in," he said.

I told him I screen for the festival, I might have seen it, and asked the title.

"Vitreous Floaters," he said.

It turns out I'd like his movie a lot.  It was in the running right up until the end, but when push came to shove, we just couldn't find a spot for it.  He had come a long way just to see the movies that got in.  He wanted to learn more about the festival circuit.

In my memory, we all treated him as we would any other filmmaker.  I hope my memory is right.  It certainly was my intent.

So if your film isn't in this year's festival, it doesn't mean that you can't be.  Come on out and see some movies.  Hold your head up high, because you are a filmmaker, and this festival is all about you.