Thursday, April 28, 2011

One More Thing

While you're sweating out our decisions - and, again, sorry for the wait; this has been a tough year - don't forget the 2-Minute 2-Step.

You write a two-minute screenplay - 2 pages or less, how hard is that? - and submit it to us.

We choose 8 of them - four alumni, four filmmakers who have never been involved in the fest. We announce the choices about a week before the festival, which gives you plenty of lead time to prep.

Then, while everyone else is watching movies, you're making one. Occasionally, the people watching movies take a break to watch you work. By the end of the day, you've got a finished movie that will screen the very next night in the festival.

Don't you wish you'd thought of this before you sunk your savings into your short film submission?

So quit waiting and get writing!


Backman said...

Question: How do you handle casting for this project? Do you have a pool of talent you offer to the filmmakers?

RSMellette said...

Our approach toward all of the production is - we will help where you need it, but it's your movie. The more you do yourself - short of the cameras, editing equipment, and space which are the common denominators, the better off you are.

So the pool of talent is all of Los Angeles. We are friends with The Actors Network. They can get your information out quickly to hundreds of actors. And, if you happen to have good connections, there is no rule about stars in the 2-step, so bring 'em on.

Larry said...

Have you sent out all the rejection and acceptances?

RSMellette said...

Invitations have all gone out but not all of the slots have been comfirmed.

Pass letters - which is a much better way of thinking about them than rejections - should start going out the first part of this week.