Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Written On The Subway Walls

Some of you may have heard that our filmmaker's orientation meeting for year 16 is coming up this Friday.  That does not mean that 100% of the slots have been chosen.  There are always one or two issues that haven't settled out.

Still, if you haven't heard from us, the big beautiful woman might not have sung yet, but she's getting her spear and magic helmet.  We do send out the best pass letters in the circuit.  Little comfort, I know, but hopefully shows the respect we have for every filmmaker.

About the orientation meeting.  It is not required, but if you're in Los Angeles it is highly recommended.  It's also a lot of fun to meet your fellow ... what?  Classmates?  It's worth a half day off from work, but not a plane ticket.

For those who are out of town, we are working on streaming it online.  Hopefully the insanity of all of us babbling in Douglas Fairbanks' old gym will translate to a worthwhile experience on the digital screen. 

Speaking of the gym, dress for the weather.  No guarantees on air-conditioning or heat.

That's it for now.  Some of you I'll see on Friday.  Others, good luck!


Anonymous said...

We have received a second round email notifying us of our positive progress a few weeks ago and an even more recent email this past weekend telling us that we were doing well with the committee on our submitted feature film. In view of the fact that we were not notified about acceptance by this time, nor about the upcoming orientation on Friday, is it correct to assume that we were not accepted as part of this year's festival?

RSMellette said...

Nope. Not yet. We are still figuring things out. We even fill slots after the orientation meeting.

So, again, until you get a pass letter, you've got a chance.

Anonymous said...

When do pass letters go out?

RSMellette said...

They go out as soon as all of the slots have been filled and confirmed.