Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Orientation - And The Wait Continues

I know some of you talk to each other.  I know some filmmakers in SoHo should make plans to share a hotel in Los Angeles.  I know a lot of you have posted how excited you are to be in the festival, even though we try to keep that hush-hush before our official press release.  Shame on you. 

I know the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow - African and European.

Our filmmakers' orientation meeting is Friday.  As is often the case, we might very well go into that meeting with slots still open.  As I write this, we have slots still open.  The wait continues.


If you are out of town, the filmmakers' orientation meeting is NOT worth flying in for.  It is worth a half day off from work.  It will be extremely hot, so dress for the weather.

Please do bring plenty of screeners.  These are not only for the press, but also for our key personnel.  We like to have them screen the movies ahead of time because: 1) they are too busy to see them in the theatre, and 2) to help the buzz on each of your movies.  When someone wonders in the lobby and asks about what movie they should see, it's nice to have a team there who know all of the movies and can help.

Those of you still waiting to hear, hang in there.  We are still hashing things out.


Anonymous said...

What about features ? Still 2 slots available ? Thanks Robert

RSMellette said...

As far as I know, yes - but that could have changed since the last time I was updated.

Anonymous said...

Do you happen to know if there are any slots left for short docs? I'm checking my email like every 7 minutes for a pass or invitation ha

RSMellette said...

We're still programming the short docs, so the magic 8-Ball still sees good things in your future.

Anonymous said...

When will the slate officially be announced to the press? And though it's clear there are still slots to be had, have the majority of accepted filmmakers already received an invitation?

RSMellette said...

We are announcing tomorrow around noon. As I've said before, there may be changes / additions after that announcement - so your waiting isn't over until you receive a pass letter.

Invitations have gone out to the films that we know we want in. It is not rare to have a film or two drop out for one reason or another, which is why we always say... (repeat after me)...

Until you get an official pass letter, you still have a chance.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your blogging, Robert! And I selfishly hope that I am one of the SoHo filmmakers who will need to book my LA hotel! Still haven't received a pass letter, so hope floats.

There is so much to learn here. Really appreciate your writing.

Congrats to everyone who is in this year's fest, and to everyone who was under consideration. Big achievements, all around.

B.W. said...

That's the spirit ! Yes, congrats to everyone indeed :)
Thanks Robert for being so transparent.
What I like is the fact we're all in the wait together : you guys are waiting for people to confirm to you, you have the press coming, you need to give names, but you know it will change a bit, and us, who are waiting also :)
By the way, I have a more precise question : have pass letters begin to go out ? I'd really like to know if you sent pass letters to a good a mount of individuals or not in order to see what's the margin for people in the "purgatory" between pass and selection :)

RSMellette said...

You're welcome, B/W. Thanks for your understanding.

We can't send the pass letters until we know that the slate is complete.

Anonymous said...

I just saw you selected a film that already premiered in Newport Beach and the IFS film showcase. Can you explain that choice ? Seems unfair.

RSMellette said...

If you're expecting the entertainment industry - or anything else in life for that matter - to be fair, you're in for many more disappointments.

The parameters that go into programming a festival are complicated and subjective in the extreme. Each film presents its own challenges. The rules are those of the pirates ... more like guidelines.

If you're looking for fair, you will not find it. I would say choose some other line of work, but I can't think of one that is 100% fair all of the time.

If you find yourself playing on a field that is not level, you can either stop playing and try to level it - or figure out how to turn it into your advantage.

Having said all of that pessimistic stuff ... I think you'll find that DWFs field is as level as any. We do try to be fair, but we know that is an impossible goal.

I am reminded of an actor I know who's career did pay his bills, but just barely. He was not nearly at the level he thought he deserved for his talent and work ethic. We were talking about the movie "Unforgiven" and he said a line in that film changed his life.

Gene Hackman's character is about to be killed by Clint Eastwood's character. He says, "I don't deserve this."

And Eastwood's line is, "'Deserve's' got nothing to do with it."

B.W. said...

@Anonymous : Wow, you need to chill out, Anonymous ! You could at least have signed your message man, like a grow-up !
@Robert : Ahah, the Eastwood line made me laugh. I would have gone for "Make my day" personally ;)

Anyway, would you have any update on the lineup update ? :)

RSMellette said...

I do not have any updates, sorry. I have said my piece - and am on to another project for the festival. The absolute final selections always comes a little bit of a surprise to me.

B.W. said...

Thanks Robert. What do you mean by "a surprise" ? Is it good or bad ? :)

RSMellette said...

What I mean by surprise is, that when I end up looking through the program at the opening night party, I'll either see a film I thought we'd cut, or don't see a film I thought for sure we'd invited.

'Twix the cup and the lip, there's many a slip.

Angela Lussier said...

Nice to see I'm not the only Nervous Nellie - I think DWF has a great rep and for most of us, it would just be an honor to be selected. I have a little 6 minute short w/orig song at the end that makes it about 9 mins, that I'm waiting on. Wishing everyone the best on this.

srobs said...

Any clue as to when tickets will be available?

RSMellette said...

The answer to this question is the same as it is for most questions at this point... ASAP.

For those with films in the festival, you'll be notified by e-mails.

For those who want to see some movies and get tickets in advance for a discount, I'll announce ticket says here.