Sunday, June 5, 2011

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Cinematographer extraordinare, Russell Carpenter, (Titantic, True Lies, and more) will be dropping by the filmmaker's lounge at 4:30 for a chat with this year's DWF class. Our little lounge is becoming the place to be in LA. Like, kewl, ya kno?

I just came from the screening of one of the best little movies you'll ever want to see called, modestly, Less. Casting directors, filmmakers, and anyone who want's to follow talented actors take note of this cast. There's so much honesty on that screen that it makes you forget you're in a movie theatre - especially if you got rained on while waiting in line.

I was reminded by this film about the difference between trendy and quality.

The trendy people in Los Angeles cling to the stereotype of what they think this town is supposed to be. Oddly, they are usually the ones who haven't been here very long or are just visiting. Sure, they may be the beautiful people, but are they the attractive ones? If they stood next to a full length mirror - as they often do - could you tell the difference between the reflection and the real person?

This is not to say that people chasing the lastest and greatest aren't good people, or even quality people - but they are so busy chasing the spotlight that they can't see the lives they are running away from in order to get there.

The quality artists careless about the light shining on them, and more about it shining from them. During this festival it gives us all great joy to give these people their time in the light. To thank them for guidance their work has given us all.

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Teddy King said...

Beautifully put and absolutely true!