Saturday, June 4, 2011

How Cool Is This?

It was about 4:30 yesterday afternoon. Dances With Films and our 2-Minute 2-Step filmmakers were kicking back with a beer in the filmmaker's lounge after having made a movie that morning. Alan Heim was due to drop by for our new "Conversations With" series.

Now, you may not know that name, so click on the link to IMDB. Take some time to explore the movies he edited. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Are you back? I bet at least one of your favorite movies is on his résumé. The man is the real deal.

Before he arrived we were sitting around trying to figure out what to do with this new "Conversations With" event, and someone said, "why don't we set up an interview?"

The best thing about the Dances With Films filmmaker's lounge is, we make movies there.

Two-Minute Two-Step line producer Charlise Holmes comes from a news background, so this was right in her wheelhouse. Before you know it, the Canon 5D Mark IIs are out and on tripods - not as good as an A-1 for an interview, but not for zero notice. The sound mixer from the 2-Step was still around, so he grabbed his stuff, and in a heartbeat, I'm sitting down in front of the Adobe edit bays to have a chat with Mr. Heim about All That Jazz, Lenny, Star 80, Network, and on and on.

When we have the interview edited, I'll post a link.

I've always said that the best artists are very often the best people. Alan is a good example. You can't help but feel good about life after a conversation with him.

Thanks for reading. If you're in Los Angeles, come out and see some of the movies I've been writing about all year.

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