Friday, April 27, 2012

Brag Board 2012

Some - not all - invitations have gone out to films for year 15 of Dances With Films. 

Did you get one?

It's too early to send out a press release - but I think a happy shout out here wouldn't hurt.

If you don't get in - and remember WAIT FOR AN OFFICIAL PASS LETTER - but you do have success at other festivals, feel free to come rub our noses in it.  In truth, some of our favorite movies for one reason or another don't make the cut, so we'll be glad to hear of your progress.

So - brag away in the comments section.  Make sure you choose to get updates for new comments and as the year goes by you can follow each other's success on the festival circuit.

Congrats to those who have made it.  And best wishes to those that will make it done the line.


gerald said...

Well.. I didn't make it.

Anonymous said...

LBL would love to brag, boast, and do a 'dance'... Still waiting.

Anonymous said...

So when do the rest go out?

RSMellette said...

The only way to know for sure that you did NOT get in at this point is if you didn't enter - and even then, you could still submit a 2-Step script and have a film in the festival.

Acceptances will dribble out over the next week as we figure out how we're working in the final slots.

Pass letters will go out after everything is set, but they will go out. There's nothing worse than the "no response" response.

Russell Whaley said...

We should call it a DIS'orientation' meeting when that happens this year!!!!


Russell Whaley
Director DisOrientation

RSMellette said...

Does that mean the drinks are on you? :)

Russell Whaley said...

hehe I will bust out the Beer Bongs afterwards!

Jeffrey said...

My sympathies are with everyone still waiting on a yea or nay... the wait almost made me completely mental.

Fortunately, I got some great news and my short "A Day In The Life Of Your Cats" will be premiering at this year's fest. Excited to see the new theater at Mann's Chinese!

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed. I have two others I'll come back at you guys with next year if I dont get in. I want to be part of your festival at some point. I like you style. I like your moves.

Andrew Rotondi

Transatlantic Coffee said...

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